What is this about?

This is gonna be a blog about travel experience.

Everytime I plan a travel I need ideas from outher travlers. I need experience and tips from the world. And this is basically what this is about! I want to give you some inspirings to travel in a different way, because one thing is important: Be a travler and not a tourist!

With this blog I would like to share travels I have done and I want to do. WELCOME on the travel experience blog!

So one last thing: why is this blog called freeice? Two Years ago I decided to make an exchangeyear, and in summer 2012 my way was going to Greenland. This exchangeyear in the capital Nuuk, Greenland basically opend my eyes about the world. Of course, like every exchangestudent, now: I want to travel the world. My head is kind of exploding on cultures I want to see and places I want to be. When I was in Greenland I also wrote a blog, this blog is called „freieis“ it’s a blog in German and if you are German or you are able to understand it, you can have a look:


If you can’t understand German, your next travel has to be in Germany 😉 just kidding!
But just have a look at the blog „freieis“

see you soon 😀